Monday, May 2, 2011

More MegaCons, Factions, Campaigns and Merchandise!

So, an interview with Brian Shotton posted on MERCS forums has revealed lots of exciting MERCS news!

Future MegaCons and Factions
At the moment there are 11 MegaCons that have been penned. It was announced that:
  • each MegaCon has the possibility of multiple factions 
  • the MERCS world is a living world, MegaCons can rise and fall...
This news effectively opens up an unlimited number of possible factions for the world of MERCS!

MERCS Campaign and Second Book
A new MERCS book, which is primarily a campaign book, is currently in production and is to include:
  • new faction portfolios
  • additional rules
In addition, there will be side-scenarios in a couple gaming magazines throughout the year.

Keizai Waza Concept Art
Next MegaCons to be Released
Next MegaCons which are planned for release by GENCON (August 2011):
After those two, these are the next planned for release:
  • Texico (Panama, Mexico, and Texas), which is almost ready for beta playing
  • Ios (Mediterranean), in the early stages of alpha

    Sefadu Concept Art
    Sefadu Faction
    This is the African melee-oriented faction, check out all the concept art here. Brian goes on to say:
    "They are very cool looking, fast, and play very fun to play. I can't give many details out, but they rely on their Leader more than other MERCS groups. If he is successful, his team has a easier time hitting targets. THey have a lot of tricks but are still easy to use. I think people will really dig them."

    MERCS Merch 
    • Gale Force Nine will be producing counters for MERCS and printing maps that we've seen at shows and conventions.
    • Battle Foam is to create the MERCS bag, which Brian goes on to say: "MERCS was designed around the philosophy that a players didn't need to own a small moving van to play our game. We have never been a fan of gaming luggage; the bigger the more we hated it. I think our bag will fit our philosophy very well and introduce something very cool and very different in gaming carrying cases."
    • Faction specific dice and retail group packaging is also due soon!

    Lots going on for MERCS, and as always, any news I find I'll post! Check out the full interview here.

    Sync out.

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