Monday, May 9, 2011

Sefadu Artwork

I thought I'd post the Sefadu artwork as well - since it's just as awesome as the Keizai Waza artwork.
They're a very unique looking faction with a beautiful tribal feel to them. A fantastic blend of primitive hunters with sci-fi armour and warpaint.
This faction is currently being sculpted, and expected for release before GENCON (August 2011).These are definitely on the shopping list!

Located: Central Africa
Corporate Strengths: Laser Tech, Melee Combat
Intelligence Report: Sefadu is a growing MegaCon power. Their recent revolutions in laser technology have enabled them to dictate terms to the world. Able to repel and defend their natural resources for the first time has brought an unforeseen solidarity to the once fractured corporate state. They support the CCC with diamonds for ammunitions, and in return the CCC is quick to defend and support the Sefadu before the GCC and other MegaCons.
Chief Rivals: EUInc, Ios, EIC

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