Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Battleground: Pipe Stack Walls

We were having a meal at a local pizza place when I accidentally knocked over the straw holder. It wasn't a big deal, but a bunch of them landed in a strangely shaped stack that instantly reminded me of piping that one might find around construction sites. I put the straws back, pocketing a few, and I rushed home to see if I could make some new half-cover wargaming terrain!

It turned out really well, and was really easy to make:
  • Cut the straw into the six pieces of the same length (I made mine 2")
  • Cut some bits of straw to random lengths (shorter than your original six pieces)
  • Now super-glue the six equal pieces into a stack formation, and glue the random length pieces round it, like so:

Here are some photos next to a MERC for scale:

I plan on giving the stack a quick once-over with some grey spray paint to add a bit more of a concrete look to it - but I think it looks decent in black too. Happy wargaming! 

Sync out.

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