Monday, May 23, 2011

My Order From Defiant Arrived!

After entertaining a slew of emails from me, Dan maintained the high level of communication and customer service that makes Defiant Gaming outstanding. I ordering this on Friday morning and it came through on Monday morning, which is excellent considering Australia Post doesn't operate on weekends - so Dan must've put that shipment through as soon as he got my order! I tell everyone I can this - If Defiant stock it, get it from them!

With the realisation that my USCR would soon be finished, I put through an order to get me up to date on my MERCS factions. In my current MERCS collection I've got the rulebook, CCC models and faction cards, and the USCR models (excluding the Booster) and faction cards.
Time to hook me up with some KemVar and FCC! A few things though:
  • I don't really like the FCC Faction Models - I've expressed this before, but they're just not the sci-fi looking models I enjoy painting. After careful deliberation, I finally decided on the models I want to proxy as FCC. I'll paint them up and post photos when they're done - I wanna keep the models I've chosen as a surprise, so stay tuned!
  • The KemVar Faction Cards have errata on several of the cards, and new cards are expected within the next few months. I don't want to buy the cards now, only to have to buy a new set next month! It would burn me if the updated cards were released soon after I bought the current cards - I know it's only AU$6.92, but re-buying Faction Cards isn't something I can budget right now. Besides, having 3 factions to play with should hold me over until the Keizai Waza and Sefadu are released.

My Order
This is what came in the mail - prompt and speedy delivery from Defiant Gaming:

KemVar Squad (5 original models) AU$43.25
FCC Faction Cards AU$6.92
USCR Booster AU$8.65
Chessex Translucent Purple D10 (10) AU$8.11
P3 Work Hobby Brush AU$6.06

I needed the USCR Booster to round off my squad, as I only had the Commissar, Trooper, Sniper and Behemoth. I think the Medic looks too similiar to the Sniper, and the Booster kicks ass.
I decided to get a set of D10s, even though I was waiting for the official MERCS merchandise, which includes faction-specific dice. We've been playing with just two d10, which seems to slow down play significantly, and purple seemed like a good choice because it doesn't currently favor any faction and a bright color is easier to spot on the board.
I also needed a new painting brush, as my old Citadel brush isn't doing the job anymore.
As I said earlier I want to keep the models I'm using as FCC a bit of a secret, so I'll post them once they're done up and painted.

I'm really excited, can't wait to get home and start painting - 10 new models and brand new loots for hobbying!

Sync out.

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