Scatter Terrain
Terrain pieces that only provide half cover.

Two sets of 4-piece resin cast crates and barrels from eBay

4-piece resin cast crates from eBay

10-piece resin Parking Pylon from Secret Weapon Miniatures

5-piece resin Jersey Barrier set from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Four sets of 4-piece MDF Barrier set from Warsenal

3-piece resin/acrylic Alien Objectives set from MicroArts Studio

3-piece resin/acrylic Console Objectives set from MicroArts Studio

Medium Terrain
Terrain pieces that completely block line-of-sight between models

4 sets of 2-piece Sci-Fi Small Containers from Plastcraft Games
(propped up on 3 pieces of 3mm MDF for extra height)

2 sets of 2-piece Shipping Containers from CNC Miniature Scenery

3-piece Holo Ad set from MicroArts Studio

3-piece Sci-Fi Walls set from CNC Miniature Scenery


2 sets of Portable Dice Towers from CNC Miniatures Scenery
(with Sci-Fi Widgets attached)

3 sets of 3-piece Q-Buildings sets from Bandua Wargames

2-piece Sci-Fi Bridges set from CNC Miniatures Scenery


Sync's MERCS Table v2

Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack from Corvus Belli

Mototronica Scenery Pack from Corvus Belli

MERCS v1 Vinyl Maps from Galeforce9 (OOP)

Crossfire Map printed on vinyl from the Michigan MERCS

Downtown Map printed on vinyl from the Michigan MERCS

Deadzone Terrain


  1. I am thinking of jumping into Mercs 2.0. I was debating on just buying the terrain packs from Infinity. $15 and you get a full 3d terrain and a detailed map to play it on.

    1. Yes, I have both of those, and they are great for MERCS!
      Check out my posts below for more details.


      Navajo Outpost:

      I'll be picking up the Red Veil Scenery Pack when it is available too.