Monday, May 30, 2011

Sefadu and Keiwai Waza News: Hand Cannon Online

Capsfan34, a veteran MERC, was able to get an interview from Brian Shotton which detailed the upcoming factions - Sefadu and Keizai Waza. The interview was mostly personal questions, which Brian was very refreshingly open about, but did contain some information in regards to the new factions. I've decided to make a summary of the news in regards to upcoming factions, so read on for spoilers.

To see more of the faction artwork, click here for Sefadu and click here for Keizai Waza.

Find the full interview here, and the upcoming Megacons are due for release:
  • Sefadu: "right around the corner"
  • Keiwai Waza: mid-July


Brian Shotton, from the Hand Cannon Online Interview: 
"My favorite MERCS archetype is the Sefadu Assault Leader. He is vital to the success of the whole squad. In the end, making that particular skill more unique really puts a spotlight on him. He has a Pulse Spear that when it hits acts as a targeting assist, certain other members of Sefadu receive bonuses to their FN. The cool thing about the spear attack is that it functions like an at range melee attack. So, even at range the FN and result is calculated like a melee attack. It works really well, and really allows Sefadu to run and gun. They are so fast."

"Sefadu is a fast faction. You’re never really safe from them. They can Move so far and still attack with precision, that it is dangerous to get too isolated against them. Sefadu’s Corp Abilities are Fearless: Suffer no Penalty to successful Courage checks, and may still act at -2 if Courage check is failed; and Mobile: The Fire & Move CCM FN penalty is reduced by 1 (+1 instead of +2). They are extremely quick and unlike other factions, should use Fire & Move as often as they can as long as they focus fire with the Leader. The Leader’s spear acts as a targeting assist beacon for the assault class weapons. The Medic and Demo get bonuses to hit anyone Blooded by the Spear. Combined with the Mobile CA, Sefadu is really effective as long as the Leader is functional.
They are extremely fun to play and easy to pick up for beginners."

Brian Shotton, from a forum post:
Their armor ranges from 0 to 2. I don't have anything in front of me, but I want to say that three of the sefadu have 1 armor. Two have 2. And the Berserker has 0.
Armor Value 0 has no Armor Failure. He will always have maximum MP.

Keizai Waza

Brian Shotton, from the Hand Cannon Online Interview:
"Not so with Waza. Keizai Waza is true to the term Waza: meaning art. They take a certain amount of finesse to play. They are by far the most complicated faction I have created. Beginners be warned. They have a tactical nuke which is extremely powerful, but pretty hard to activate and even more difficult to take full advantage of. It takes pinpoint timing to even launch the missile, and all the while the Forward Observer is in mouth of the lion so-to-speak."

"To win with Waza, you need to completely understand all the abilities they bring to the table and you have to be thinking two moves ahead of your opponent."

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  1. Was just looking though you blog and noticed this. Thanks for the props and glad you enjoyed the Interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. :-)