Tuesday, March 28, 2017

[Keizai Waza] Daimyo 2.0

Sync out.

Photo Update

After my recent hiatus, I took a look through my blog, and found that I could no longer stand the 'quick & dirty' photos I took of my Keizai Waza and KemVar models.

Using the MERCS Recon: Assassination Protocol box for the background was a bad decision, because the orange of the Keizai Waza and the green of the KemVar look 'washed out' against the brown background colour.

So I took some new photos of my Keizai Waza models against a background that better shows their 'true colour' (the colour I see when holding the models in my hand), and thought I'd throw up them up on my blog for good measure.

Here's a comparison of the original photos versus the improved photos:

These are photos of the exact same model, but as you can see the orange looks totally different in each picture! So I'll try and post a new photo update each day, as I work through my GCC models.

Sync out.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

And I'm Back.. Again!

After yet another MERCS hobby hiatus, roughly 5 months this time, I'm back to painting through some MERCS models.
I'm hoping to complete another two MERCS factions during this little painting binge, which will bring me up to completing 6 out of the 12 current MERCS factions available.
I'm not setting myself any specific painting goals, so stay tuned for some sporadic updates - the next faction on my work desk is the GCC - Global Corporate Courts.

Checking the Megacon Games MERCS website for any updates, I found a link to the photos of the Megacon Games house models, which hobbyists may wish to reference for their own painting.
I'll throw them up on this blog (click the photos to enlarge), but you can also download them here.

I also found some cool new MERCS 2.0 photos that have made it onto the Megacon Games website:

Sync out.