Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[CCC] Incinerator

Next up is the CCC Incinerator – this model definitely needed work done! It's a fantastic model which I had failed to pick out even the most obvious details on my first attempts at painting. Changing my recipe for the yellow was a huge help in bringing out the detail on my CCC – the orange wash just wasn’t enough of a contrast to the original yellow I had!

Sync out

Monday, July 30, 2012

Keizai Waza - Arrived!

Defiant Gaming continues to impress me with the fantastic delivery and customer service - I placed the below order on Friday morning, and the order arrived today just after lunch!

Keizai Waza Starter Box, CCC Demo, KemVar Demo, USCR Medic, sefadu Assault.
Oh, and some paints!

So I'll be using the individual models above to round off my existing MERCS factions, and I'll tackle the Keizai Waza when I've finished my MERCS madness month.

Well... I at LEAST had to open the Keizai Waza Starter Box... you know - just to make sure it's all there. I'm really impressed at everything you get in the box - 6 metal models, faction cards, 6 faction dice and some quick-start rules... couldn't ask for more!

Sync out.

[CCC] Medic

Kicking off my MERCS madness month is my [CCC] Medic. It was pretty much a complete repaint, and I'm really happy with the results.
The yellow has more depth and doesn't look as flat, and changing the fatigues from black to grey really did the trick in bringing out more detail. The metallics and leathers look cleaner, and overall the whole model just 'pops' a lot better!
Oh, touching up the basing really helped to round off the model too!

Sync out.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sync's MERCS Madness Month!


Over the past few days I've found all my MERCS gear - models, faction cards, rulebook, d10s, as well as downloading all the new PDFs available - quick-start rules, rules summaries and FAQs, to help get me back up to speed on MERCS.
I've also made sure to download all the awesome wallpapers available, to help immerse myself in the MERCS world!

Over the past year I've been busy with other miniature wargames - mostly Warmachine and Hordes. I've completed the following projects, which have all helped improve on my modelling and painting ability since I last painted my MERCS:
Anyways, looking over my MERCS models, I decided that I would give them all a bit of a make-over - to ensure that I paint them to the best of my ability, and try my best to do the fantastic models justice.

Madness? THIS - IS - MERCS!

So here's my ambitious plan: complete one of my MERCS models everyday, of my four currently painted factions, until they are all re-done to my personal best. I'll be posting my progress everyday, so make sure to check back regularly :) Looking over my MERCS now, here are some things that I plan on fixing up for each faction:
  • CCC - Yellow Armour, Metallics, Leathers, Black Fatigues, Basing
  • KemVar - Weapon Metallics, Leathers, Basing
  • USCR - Metallics, Green Fatigues
  • sefadu - Grey Fatigues, Leathers

With 6 MERCS models in each faction, and with 7 days in a week, I'll be posting a completed model everyday, and then posting a completed squad shot on Sunday. With my four factions, this should take me about a month - after which I'll tackle the FCC and Keizai Waza!

Sync out.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Since I've been gone...

I didn't realise so much could change in a year! The Keizai Waza has been released, and Texico and ISS are on the horizon! I thought I'd do a quick recap of the major changes since I stepped out of the world of MERCS.

Faction Boxes
Everything you need for a MERCS faction in a box - models, cards, dice and some Quick-Start Rules.

Official MERCS Merchandise
Battlefoam Bag, Game Mats, Tokens, Faction Dice and Movement Cards - all really cool gear for MERCS players.

PDF and Video Support
Lots of official documentation from the MERCS team, including Quick-Start Rules, FAQs and even How To Play PDFs and videos. Check out the MERCS Download page and Play MERCS page for more!

A great fan support site for the MERCS community has sprung up in SnapToCover.com - I have yet to explore and fully appreciate this site, but from what I've browsed so far it looks fantastic!

Awesome Wallpaper
Check out the MERCS Download page for these sweet wallpapers:

Lots of development in the world of MERCS over the last year - lots of catching up to do!

Sync out.

Friday, July 27, 2012

It's been a while!

It was about a year ago that my interest in MERCS waned, not really having any community here in Sydney, Australia to interact with - but now I'm back!

Yesterday I was cleaning up my collection of miniatures, when I picked up my CCC Assault Leader and thought what a fantastic model it was, and fell in love with it all over again.
I jumped online to see what was going on with in the world of MERCS, and I was amazed at how much had changed in the last year! The website was redone and looking fantastic, the community was thriving and there were even new accessories and Megacons to purchase!

Well, I couldn't help myself - I bought up a whole bunch of new gear (Gale Force 9 Game Mats, Tokens and the Movement Card) as well as ordering up the Keizai Waza Faction box (the introduction of Faction Boxes is so awesome!) and the CCC Demo, KemVar Demo, USCR Medic and FCC Modkit to round off my existing factions.

Anyways, while I wait for the delivery of my new MERCS gear from the states (I hope it doesn't take too long), I'll be cleaning up this blog and touching up my old MERCS models. I feel like I've come a long way in the last year in terms of my painting and modelling ability, so I'll see what I can do about giving the boys a make-over.
I've ordered my Keizai Waza from a Defiant Gaming (a local Australian webstore), so they'll be in my over-eager hands next week!

Sync out.