Sunday, May 8, 2011

Keizai Waza Artwork

Keith released the artwork for the upcoming MegaCon, Keizai Waza - they look AMAZING. Will definitely be getting a team of these bad boys.
This artwork has been sent off to the sculptor, while the Sefadu are being sculpted as well.

Keizai Waza Background (trans. business technique/art)
Located: Japan, Indochina, and Australia
Corporate Strengths: Assassination, Nuclear

Intelligence Report: Keizai Waza are as ambitious as they are formidable. They are clearly the strongest MegaCon in the eastern hemisphere. They, unlike other MegaCons, have continued to explore Nuclear technologies, including nuclear powered armors and nuclear small armaments. Though unsubstantiated, Keizai Waza has reportedly had outspoken critics and rival corporate leaders assassinated. 
Chief Rivals: CCC, EIC

The full post has additional details and hints as to how the MegaCon will play. Here, for some jaw-dropping convenience, is the artwork.


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