Friday, July 7, 2017

MERCS 2.0 - Free Rules PDF and MERCS singles available!

After an extended hiatus from MERCS, Megacon Games have made the MERCS 2.0 Rules available for download as a PDF file, and made the entire MERCS miniatures line available for purchase as single models.

MERCS 2.0 PDF Rules
This is great step forward in making MERCS more accessible! This allows gamers, in an overcrowded miniatures marketplace, the opportunity to check out the game before diving in with any financial commitment.
With many other gaming companies also making rules available for free, this PDF from Megacon Games helps bring MERCS to a more competitive position.

Single MERCS Miniatures Available
This allows those wanting to upgrade from MERCS 1.0 to MERCS 2.0 the option to just pick up the models they need.
It also gives gamers with the MERCS Recon boardgames the option to finish off their factions, and jump into the MERCS 2.0 tabletop game!

Both these actions from Megacon Games are very positive for the future of MERCS - but after their  extended hiatus, this long-time MERCS fan is hoping that it's not too little too late.
Sync out.