Thursday, April 17, 2014

MERCS with Deadzone Terrain - Part 3

After taking all the photos with the individual pieces, I thought I'd take some action shots of a table I set up for MERCS - enjoy!

Sync out.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MERCS with Deadzone Terrain - Part 2

In my last post, I covered the scatter terrain and walls I made out of my Deadzone Kickstarter Terrain. In this post I'll go over the buildings and structures I made:

All the pieces I made out of my Deadzone Kickstarter pledge

4 high walls

4 high walls - 'outside' low angle shot

4 high walls - 'inside' low angle shot

4 platforms, 2 with rails and 2 without

4 platforms - lower angle shot

4 platforms - rail shot

4 half-buildings, 2 with low walls on the top, 2 without

Buildings - low angle shot

Buildings - from the other corner

Buildings - from the back

2 half-buildings combined into a full building
(that's why I made them half-buildings!)

4 bridges - unfortunately having rails on the bridges prevents 30mm bases
from standing on them!

Bridges combined with the buildings and platforms

I've taken some full table action photos as well, which I'll post up next - stay tuned!
Sync out.

MERCS with Deadzone Terrain - Part 1

Being a fan of both Mantic Games and sci-fi skirmish games, last year I backed the successful Deadzone Kickstarter.
I pledged at the Strike Team level, which got me a whole heap of miniatures and everything I needed to play Deadzone. And on top of that, it gave a whole heap of terrain that I could use for other sci-fi tabletop games, like MERCS!

I've spent the last week planning and assembling my Deadzone Terrain, and here are the completed pieces!
This post will just have the scatter terrain and walls, and I'll cover the buildings in my next post.

All the terrain pieces I made from my Deadzone Kickstarter pledge.
There was so much terrain in the pledge - I still have leftover bits and pieces!
Oh, note the 2'x2' Deadzone Deluxe Gaming Mat, which is a phenomenal
product! The design is highly detailed and very sci-fi, the material is
soft to protect your models from accidental falls, and texture is smooth
and 'grippy' so your models don't slide around.

All the scatter terrain from the Accessories Sprues
[edit] Dulydude reminded me that I actually added some extra Accessories
Sprues to my pledge, so I'm not sure how much came in the standard
Deadzone Kickstarter Striker Pledge

Scatter terrain

4 short half-cover walls

4 long half-cover walls with street lights

4 long half-cover walls with street lights - lower angle shot

4 short full-cover walls

4 short full-cover walls - lower angle shot

4 short full-cover walls

4 short full-cover walls - lower angle shot

I'll cover the buildings I made in my next post - stay tuned!
Sync out.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

MERCS Battle Report - Basic Games

My buddy came over on the weekend, and we kicked off our Getting Back to MERCS Battles! We played two games over the weekend, and here are some short battle reports!

We played two games, with me playing KemVar (Assault Leader, Assassin & Demolition), and my buddy playing CCC (Assault Leader, Incinerator & Demolition). The terrain was set up quite simply, with a symmetrical layout to ensure a more balanced game - just for these basic battles.

Game 1

Fairly standard deployment

Both squads moved up the board, spreading their forces across the table
 to ensure that the opfor couldn't break through for the touchdown.
 The KemVar Assassin's speed caught the the CCC by surprise, rushing
down the right flank, and making short work of the CCC Demo.

The KemVar Leader then engaged the CCC Incinerator, in an attempt to
ensure the KemVar Assassin had a clear run to the endzone.

The  CCC Leader, seeing that the KemVar Assassin had broken the right
flank and had a clear run to the endzone, turned back to try and stop
the KemVar Assassin's rush - but the KemVar Assassin's Active Camo
saved him from the burst of gunfire.
The KemVar Assassin  gave the CCC Leader a Worm Grenade in the rear
 for his troubles.

The KemVar Assassin made the final rush to the endzone, cinching the
victory for the KemVar!

Game 2

The deployment started out similarly to our first game, however the CCC
moved more slowly up the board taking more defensive positions.
Again, the KemVar Assassin's speed brought him into melee with the CCC
Incinerator and dealing 2 blood with his Charge ability.

The CCC Incinerator and the CCC Demo made quick work of the KemVar
Assassin before the KemVar Assassin could deal more melee damage.
The KemVar Assault Leader made a rush for the endzone, but the CCC
Incinerator was able to stop him in his tracks.

This just left the KemVar Demo to deal with - the CCC Demo and CCC
Incinerator made haste to corner him.

The KemVar Demo made a final stand, but couldn't hold off the assault
from the full CCC force - CCC take the victory!

Sync out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sci-Fi Dice Tower - The Second

I finished up a second 'Sci-Fi' Portable Dice Tower for my terrain collection - I was just so happy with the first one I had to get a second! Now there is one for each player!
I've added a model into this photo for scale to demonstrate the half-cover elements of the pieces.

Sync out.