Thursday, January 28, 2016

Movement Options

One of the biggest changes coming to MERCS 2.0 is the option to use a traditional tape measures for movement.
MERCS 2.0 now gives players three options for measuring their movement, which we'll look at below in a little more detail:
  1. using the half circles around the cards
  2. using the indicator marks on the sides of the cards
  3. using a standard tape measure

1 - Half Circle Card Movement

The unit begins their move in the larger half-circle located on the bottom of the card, then the model may move to any of the smaller half-circles at the top of the card.
This method of movement allows the model a movement distance of 95mm.

2 - Indicator Mark Movement

In this case the card functions like a normal measuring device.
Turn the card on its edge, and use the indicator at bottom of the card to mark the front of the models base. The model may then move the back of its base to the indicator mark at the top of the card.
This method of movement allows the model a movement distance of 90mm.

3 - Tape Measure

This is the industry standard for tabletop wargaming and in MERCS 2.0, a model can use 1 MP to move up to 4 inches (or 10cm).
This method of movement allows the model a movement distance of 100mm.

My thoughts

I think the addition of the tape measure option is great, as it makes the system even more accessible and allows players to play MERCS their way.
Using the indicator marks (option 2 above) makes movement in tight 3D terrain easier - however, there are still some situations where it's still a little tricky to manage, and lining up the indicator marks with the front and back of a models base isn't always the most accurate technique. 
I've listed the difference in movement distances above just for sake of comparison, as I thought it might be of interest to some players. To me, the 5mm-10mm discrepancy between movement distances isn't anything to write home about, but that's just my opinion - though generally I'm a pretty easy going player.
With a few options for movement, I think it'll be up to the players to agree on what they'll use for their games. If standardisation is really an issue, there is nothing stopping tournaments or gaming groups from restricting the movement options, saying "movement cards only", or "tape measures only" - and at least now the option is there.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MERCS Recon - Undercoated

I managed to get the MERCS in my MERCS Recon Counter Threat and Assassination Protocol undercoated over the weekend, so I thought I'd share some WIP shots I took yesterday.

Last night I actually started painting the models, so expect some pictures soon!
Sync out.

Monday, January 25, 2016

MERCS 2.0 - Rulebook


  • Limited edition hard-cover book - when they are gone, or slightly before that, production will move to a more mass market softcover with the rules and MegaCons (but no fluff or campaign)
  • 384 pages, with 128 gsm gold east matte paper
  • The spine width of the book is 30 mm (1.25 inches)
  • It has a soft-touch surface with a premium gold foil treatment

Punchboard Tokens

  • Each hard-cover rulebook comes with a full compliment of MERCS tabletop tokens
  • Every token needed to play
  • Included is a high-quality hard board version of the MERCS movement card
    • Note that each MegaCon deck also includes a faction specific movement card
    • In MERCS 2.0, players can use tape measures

Game Modes

  • Conflict: the standard 5 MERC team-kill-team game 
  • Capture: this mode revolves around an asset that must be captured and escorted to the extraction zone
  • Control: this game has three areas of control, where controlling zones earns victory points, and controlling more zones earns lots of victory points
  • Deathmatch: every player controls a MERC, and the first MERC to 3 kills wins. Random respawn locations make this fun for the whole family
  • Defend: one person is tasked with protecting a zone and each round the zone is protected earns the defender VP. Attackers gain VP for getting MERCS inside the zone.
  • Economic: this is a combination interaction and kill game mode. There are three locations that must be interacted with at certain times
  • Espionage: this is a combination of control zones and interact locations
  • Political: this is a combination of capture and interact locations
  • Platoon: this game mode uses all 10 MERCS from a faction's roster. Players act as commander and select 6 MERCS out of the 10 to activate each round. Those that activate receive initiative, those that are not are inactive. Inactive MERCS do no carry bonuses over from round to round nor perform round to round actions. 

Scenario Story

  • The book also comes with an 11 chapter scenario story, which tie MERCS lore into game play 
  • Each scenario has special rules and a detailed map layout
  • The Sabre and the Snowman scenario story follows the birth, capture, escape, and possible death of the world's first AI. It introduces a couple new characters, and adds background to ones that have been mentioned before in MERCS lore


  • 40 pages of lore
  • Updated timeline
  • Expanded history
  • Short story by J.L Allan, that ties into the background of The Worker's Heart

MERCS Campaign

  • Designed to give the community the tools they need to establish a MERCS league with their friends/FLGS
  • Campaign rules for MERCS, that use the MERCS: Conflict dice
  • Players select whatever MegaCon they wish and try to wrest control of old Hong Kong in the Lost Margin from the other players
  • MegaCons build their economy, exploit resources, upgrade MERCS, and expand their MERCS team
  • Maps are included for 2 to 8 players

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

MERCS 2.0 - Updated Cards, Templates and Tokens

With the release of MERCS 2.0 around the corner, I thought I'd have a look at some the upcoming changes.

One of the biggest changes are the new unit cards. Below is the MERCS 1.0 unit card for the KemVar Heavy Assault, followed by it's MERCS 2.0 successor.

Firstly, there is now information on both the front AND back of the cards.
All the basic unit information is on the front, with more detailed information on that back - very handy.

Secondly, the indentations in the cards, which were used for movement, have been removed.
Movement in MERCS 2.0 can be now be done using tape-measures, as well as using the new template card - which will be included in each deck, pictured below. The new template cards will have the Megacon's Corporate Traits listed on them as well.

Each unit in MERCS will also have a page dedicated to them in rulebook. Pictured below is the CCC Incinerator unit card, followed by the corresponding page in the rulebook.

Another addition are the new punch-board tokens, which will be shrink-wrapped along with the MERCS 2.0 tabletop hard-cover rulebook. The picture below shows which tokens are included, and the movement template is hard to miss.
I'm not sure if this is a Kickstarter exclusive, or if it will come with all MERCS 2.0 tabletop rulebooks purchased via retail.

Sync out.

Friday, January 22, 2016

MERCS 2.0 - Pro-painted EIC


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MERCS 2.0 - Pro-painted GCC

Camera Drone
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EIC stands of East India Company. But in this case, what once was India has reclaimed the name and made it their own. They are a highly resourceful MegaCon, involved in the production of most material goods. They have a large work force and a large fighting force. Their success comes from their ability to be flexible and flow with change including in battle where they can assimilate technology quite rapidly and turn it to their immediate advantage.

Sniper / Pathfinder / Demo
Booster / Shock Trooper / Engineer
Leader / Assimilator
Breacher / Heavy
Sync out.


The Global Corporate Court is where MegaCons air their grievances. The GCC's power is in the bureaucracy. The GCC plays favorites, is bogged down by red tape, and can be bought. It takes a long time to reach an agreement, which often involves the use of a temporary peace keeping force and on-the-ground presence. The GCC understands their power resides in their ability to create dissension among the MegaCons and are not quick to resolve major difficulties. Oftentimes, they simply recuse themselves from major decisions. The GCC function like a MegaCon. They have their own MERCS force and have been increasingly prone to use it.

Judge / Tribunal
Chief / Demo / Sniper / Spy
Breacher / Booster / Recorder
Sync out.

MERCS 2.0 - FCC House 4

FCC House 4 resides in the upper northwest of the United States into the southwest of Canada. They are fairly isolated. Most MegaCons leave them alone. They live fairly normal lives by Lost Margin standards. The majority of their interactions with the MegaCon world revolves around them capturing and ransoming members of MegaCons they come across. They don't want to harm worker-citizens (WC). If the MegaCon doesn't pay the ransom, the WC is invited to stay with House 4. It is both a means of revenue and recruitment.

Steward / Engineer / Demo / Priest
Survivalist / Sniper / Sapper / Heavy
Medic / Shock Trooper
Sync out.

MERCS 2.0 - EU Inc

EU is a very secure MegaCon. They are not the biggest, nor care to be. They will be playing this game long after the CCC's and the Waza's fade. They are only interested in the long game. They know being on top means you have a target on your back. They know when to apply pressure, threaten violence, acquiesce to demands, and simply pay the problem away. They have been at this a long time. They are also beyond belief wealthy. They have more liquid assets than the top two MegaCons combined. 

They succeed because they remain a "they". Through all the difficulties and differences, they will make it.

Leader / Sergeant / Medic / Shock Trooper
Monkeywrench / Sniper / Spotter / Heavy
Analyst / Demo
Sync out.