Friday, October 12, 2012

ISS Assembled

And here are the ISS assembled. Now that I've got them on their bases, I can see that they're all taller than the Texico that I've just assembled, and the style of the models are definitely different to the Texico as well.
This isn't a bad thing by any means - I love that each MERCS faction looks unique, and painting them up gives me a lot of varying sytles to paint!

Sync out.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ISS Unboxed

These MERCS Starter Boxes are fantastic! Everything you need in one box, even MERCS faction dice!
It wasn't too hard assembling the Texico with my recovering finger, hopefully I can get the ISS together as well.
These models are proportioned COMPLETELY differently to the Texico - they seem to be taller, possibly modelled to a different scale. I'll get them assembled with some paint before a proper review though.

Sync out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Texico Assembled and Based

Texico - assembled and based! These models seem to have a bit more of a cartoonish look than the other MERCS factions, and their proportions seem a little inconsistent with the rest of the MERCS models. I'll see what they look like with some paint before reviewing them though.

Next up, I'll crack open the ISS!
Sync out.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Texico Unboxed

So here’s an unboxing shot I took of the Texico (the MERCS Starter Kits are great!) and I’ll look at starting some assembly tonight. There aren't many pieces that need to be glued together, so hopefully I can manage with my recovering injury.

Sync out.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Back to Painting!

Well, I think my finger is finally better, which means I can get back into painting my ISS and Texico! I’ve had the splint off since before MOAB so I could run the demos unhindered... it was a little tender on the day, but I think playing FPS computer games in the last few weeks has strengthened it somewhat. Not entirely confident that I’ll have the dexterity for the fine motor-skills required for detailed painting, but I won’t know until I give it a go!

Eager wargamers painting at Mantic's Open Day

So this week, I’ll concentrate on assembling my two new MERCS factions, and I’ll see about starting getting some paint on them this weekend.
Sync out.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



MOAB - Mother of All Battles - is an Annual Wargaming Convention held in Southern Sydney. A few months ago, I decided that I would re-paint my existing MERCS models, as well as new MERCS models, in order to run demos at MOAB - which lead to weeks of non-stop painting:
I managed to paint up 6 of the 8 existing MERCS Megacons, only to have a major set-back in the home stretch, leaving me unable to finish the new and shiny Texico and ISS factions!
Well, I was very disappointed (that's what I get for leaving my painting table to exercise!) that I couldn't achieve my goals, but am still proud of what I did manage to accomplish in a few weeks.

Prior to the convention, my two younger brothers were kind enough to sit through a few practice demos, and critique my overall presentation, and help me fine tune it. I found this to be a tremendous help - as someone who has never run any kind of demo before, this was a great way to refine explanations, demo techniques and provide a bit of a confidence boost.
I also had a lot of help from the MERCS Black Ops team - big shout out to all the MERCS across the world for your input on forums and Facebook!


After driving a little over an hour to get to the convention, I arrived and set up while the convention was just getting started for day 2 (MOAB is a 3 day event, spanning over a long-weekend). I had been assigned a table from 9:30am-1:30pm, with two half an hour breaks included.

My table on the main floor - on the top level there were about 20+ tables
for Warmachine/Hordes/Infinity/WH40K.  There was a stage behind me,
(not pictured) with about 12 tables for WHFB, as well as Historical games.

Close-up of my MERCS table. On the left-side, you can see all my painted
MERCS Megacons on display, as well as some of the starter boxes.
On the right-side, I had the 2D game mats, Rulebook, and Quick-start Rules
for people to peruse at their leisure.
After a slow start, with people just starting to arrive and vendors putting out their wares, I had my first demo at about 10am... and they didn't stop until 1:30pm! I didn't even get a chance to use my allocated break periods!

I ran four demo games throughout the four hours, and between each game I had plenty of interest and questions coming from players in-between their tournament games. The painted miniatures I had on display were a great attraction, and I did manage to get a LOT of compliments about my painting - all those late nights were worth it! People were also drawn to the 2D game mats, and thumbed through the Rulebook and Quick-Start Rules I had on the table.

The demos themselves went well, and I think everyone involved had good fun and enjoyed their games :) One thing that did stand out was how easy it was to pick up the MERCS game mechanics - after a few example turns, most of the players had a good understanding of the mechanics.
In the final demo before I had to pack-up, one of the players even corrected me on something - "Doesn't my Assassin have that Active Camouflage thing? He shouldn't have been able to kill me!" In my defence, I did have a long 1 hour drive, followed by 3 hours of demoing on an empty stomach...

The KemVar did suffer a casualty though - a friendly follow, named Steve I think, (with arms as thick as my legs) did manage to snap the Assassin's arm off. Normally, if I had done that to my own model, I'd be furious with myself - but we were all having such a great time, it didn't seem to matter. I probably should have sealed my models before the demo - I'll make sure to do that for next time.

I was a little caught up in the excitement of it all - being my first wargaming convention, as well as my first demoing experience, so I didn't take too many photos. I'll make sure that I take more photos next time.


Well, I had a great time, and I think everyone who had a demo had a great time too. Hopefully I answered everyone's questions well, and let everyone know that MERCS is more than just awesome looking miniatures!

Oh, I'd also like to give a final shout-out to DEFIANT GAMING - thanks for stocking MERCS Miniatures since they started up two years ago, and always providing excellent service!

Sync out.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Minor Sprain, Major Devastation

One of the reasons I don't paint on Sunday is because of Sunday Hoops! Even a MERCS enthusiast like me needs some sun and exercise :) I go the local centre and play a few games of pick-up with other regulars. Today was not unlike any other day, except after a few baskets I managed to jar my right-hand pointer-finger. This wasn't too bad at first - I played on for about half an hour (admittedly missing some easy baskets) before succumbing to pain and heading home.

So I guess I'll have to put my MERCS Mayhem Month on hold while I heal up. I think I can possibly do some assembly, but the delicate coordination required for painting miniatures will have to wait. With two fingers splinted together, typing this post is taking MUCH longer too...
The doctor said it was a sprain (can you even sprain a finger?) and it should be right in two short weeks. Short weeks?! It's MOAB in two weeks! I was on track to have ALL my MERCS factions finished and ready for Sydney's biggest wargaming convention, but now completing my ISS and Texico is not possible.

Well, I picked up Guild Wars 2 the other day - which I'm enjoying, but using the mouse feels really unnatural with this splint...
Sync out.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sync's [Keizai Waza]

I'm really happy with how these guys turned out! All those layers of red and orange blends were worth it, and now my Keizai Waza are ready to take to the table-top!
I'm quite interested to see how difficult it is to drop the Tactical Nuke in-game, and get some good play-testing done with these guys - but that might have to wait until I finish my Texico!

Sync out.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

[Keizai Waza] Daimyo

And that'll do it for Sync's Keizai Waza! What a great commanding pose - "Alright team, you know what to do - drop the nuke on those basterds!"
I'll put the squad shot up last tonight, and I'll get a start on my Texico tomorrow!

Sync out.

Friday, September 14, 2012

[Keizai Waza] Forward Observer

Now this is a really unique looking model. The enveloping head-visor is different to any model I've ever painted, and adds a fantastic sci-fi look to the model!
The second part of the Keizai Waza triforce required to devastate the opponent with the Tactical Nuke - and now just the Daimyo to go!

Sync out.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

[Keizai Waza] Pathfinder

The bright orange on these guys is really messing with my camera's lighting for some reason... Oh well, another Keizai Waza model down, and two more to come!
I have a quick look at the faction cards - this guy is part of the triforce that coordinates the Keizai Waza's deadly nuclear strike!

Sync out.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[Keizai Waza] Heavy Hybrid

This guy was really tough to assemble, and I was worried that I messed up his shoulder joins – but looking at the painted model now, he looks alright - *phew!*

Sync out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[Keizai Waza] Sniper

Not sure what happened to my camera while snapping these photos – the bright orange seems to be doing something to my camera’s focus.
Anyways, I’m probably the ONLY person that didn’t use the hooded cape on the sniper – I don’t know why, but I just prefer him this way. 

Sync out.

Monday, September 10, 2012

[Keizai Waza] Demolition

Starting on my Keizai Waza with the Demolition! I pretty much stuck to the MERCS faction artwork - except on the blue glow on the stomach and back... I made an attempt at the OSL, but failed miserably! Oh well, keep on truckin...

Sync out.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Keizai Waza Based and Undercoated

After assembling them this morning, I didn't think I'd have time to get my Keizai Waza based and primed - but being a nice sunny day today, the glue dried quick, and so did the spray primer!

Bare Metal
Quick once over with the primer
Ready for some paint!
Sync out.

Keizai Waza Assembled

Spent the morning assembling my Keizai Waza, which was fairly straight forward - except for the Heavy Hybrid! After gluing myself to the model, the desk, the tube of glue, and finally to myself, I got him assembled! But even then I'm not even sure I did it properly... I guess the painted shot will tell, but hopefully he turns out alright.

Sync out.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sync's [FCC]

I feel like such a moron for ever disliking the FCC models. They look awesome - even though they aren't as sci-fi as the other MERCS Megacons, there is definitely a place for them in the world of MERCS. The models are beautifully sculpted, and fit the background of the faction perfectly.

Well, next up I'm going to start on the Keizai Waza - a very sci-fi looking Megacon! Stay tuned!
Sync out.

[FCC] House Member

And here's the last member of the FCC, ready to take to the battlefield! I LOVE the cybernetic-enhancement he's got to compensate for the loss of his left eye, and the scar that remains adds a lot of character to the model! The kneeling pose is also unique to the MERCS as well.

I've got to make a start on my Keizai Waza, so I'll be posting the squad shot this afternoon - and kicking off work on my Keizai Waza tomorrow!

Sync out.

Friday, September 7, 2012

[FCC] House Master

Another fantastic dynamic model from MERCS! I think I've said that exact line several times before... well, I guess that just shows that MERCS have a lot of fantastic dynamic models, and that I probably need to extend my vocabulary somewhat.

Sync out.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

[FCC] Liaison

Another fantastic and unique model pose from the MERCS line. When I first looked over the model, I wrote up this tactica article in regards to fielding the Liaison - which Brian from MERCS was so awesome as to provide a reply to!
I haven't put this guy through his paces yet, but I'm keen to get him on the table and within short-range of an enemy - to Machine-Pistol some face!

Sync out.