Friday, April 29, 2011

[CCC] Trooper finished... again!

The battle-worn look is appropriate for the dark, grim future of 40K, but I didn't really think it suited the world of MERCS. I'm not sure what I'm basing that statement on - probably the MERCS rulebook, which is has bright, amazing artwork (from one of the creators of MERCS actually) and has the minis expertly painted in the same bold style. I do like my toy soldiers to look a little rugged though, so maybe a little battle weariness is OK.

Not the best picture to emphasize how bright MERCS is, but it's an awesome pic!

So after looking over the previous pics, and the pics from my battle report and finishing my [CCC] Incinerator, I decided I'd go over my Trooper again, to and try brighten him up a bit.

I started with a light wash of yellow over the areas I thought were probably overly dry-brushed and dull, then went to work touching up a few areas here and there. Anyways, here's my improved Trooper. Not sure if it made much more of a difference, but at least now I feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Sync out.

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