Wednesday, May 11, 2011

KemVar Artwork

I think the KemVar look really cool - I think it's something about their buldging circular eyes that gives me a creepy soul-less feeling.

The only reason I haven't gotten these guys yet is because of the known errata on their cards - once that's sorted I'll grab me up some KemVar.
I guess I could just get the models now to sate my mini-lust, and get the cards when I order up the Keizai Waza and Sefadu...

Located: Brazil and Venezuela
Corporate Strengths: Active Camouflage, Small group tactics
Intelligence Report: Easily one of the smallest MegaCons, Kem-Var none-the-less has controlling interest in 72% of the world’s energy creation and distribution. Their remote location prevents takeovers, and their “friendliness” with the FCC keeps them relatively safe.
Chief Rivals: Texico, Ios 

Sync out.

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