Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[CCC] Heavy Assault finished!

CCC Heavy Assault Artwork
This is my favorite MERCS mini I've painted so far - the dynamic pose really lets you feel the weight of the heavy weapon, and the ammo feed wrapping around from the backpack to weapon looks wicked. Had a bit of trouble during assembly attaching the ammo feed, but it was totally worth it. At least I didn't break anything.

I didn't add any red to the mini as I've done with the rest of my CCC, which I think adds some pop to the end result. I'll think on it a while, and if I feel he needs that kick, I'll probably paint the explosives charge on the top of his backpack red.

 Sync out.


  1. I love this figure, it's a tough call between this guy and the leader as to which is my favourite in this team. Nicely done!
    I really like the look of Mercs, it seems pretty cool. I'm interested to see a lot more in regards to how it plays on the tabletop, if it plays as good as it looks I might have to start collecting...

  2. I agree, the Leader and Heavy Assault look fantastic and are my favorite MERCS minis I've painted so far. I finished the Leader last night and will take some photos over the weekend!
    I've wanted to do more Battle Reports so that people can see how the game plays, but also wanted to do the game justice by painting up the miniatures first! The gameplay is fun and fast, and experienced wargamers will pick up the rules easily :)
    More minis and Battle Reports to come - Thanks Bo Bo!