Friday, May 27, 2011

Counters and Maps Teaser Pic

Brian posted a Twitpic of the official MERCS 2D Terrain Maps and Counters!

There's a post on the MERCS Facebook page too, but here's the pic for your convenience:

We've got the two maps that we've seen throughout the Rulebook and Conventions/Demos, but also we can see a range of counters. I have no idea what some are for, but here are the ones I can guess at:
  • Red Blood Drops with 1 & 2 are Blood Counters
  • Grey and Black Shattered Shields for Armour Failure
  • Blue and White 'Harpoons' for USCR Anchoring
  • Green and White 'Shuttlecocks' for FCC Irradiated Ammo
  • Grey and White +2 & +1 for Initiative Modifiers
Some of those have to be Bounding Counters, but I can't figure out which ones!

In the meantime if you're looking for some MERCS counters, Phildeb has made some which he has shared with the community - Thanks Phildeb! Find them here.

Being the fanboy that I am I'm looking forward to the release of this official MERCS Merchandise! Thanks for the teaser Brian :)

Sync out.

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