Saturday, May 14, 2011

[CCC] Assault Leader WIP

CCC Assault Leader Artwork from MERCS website

I finished this guy off last night, but these photos were taken on the weekend - that's the only time I can take photos due to lighting issues.

I wasn't sure about posting these pics - firstly because they turned out strangely foggy, and secondly because he's still a WIP.
I decided I would anyway, mostly because I'm really proud of how he's turned out, but I'll take finished (and hopefully clearer) photos next weekend.

I'm not sure why it turned out foggy - maybe my camera lens had misted up in the winter chill, or because I took the photo in the fading afternoon light.

I always save the Leader of my squads until last to paint. This means I can practice on the rest of the squad - color blends, washes and highlight techniques etc - before finally getting to the leader. I've always believed the leaders should be the centerpiece of the squad, both on the shelf and on the table.
He's beaten out my Heavy Assault as my favorite MERCS mini so far!

Anyways, here are the terrible quality photos:

Sync out.

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