Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sync's [CCC] Squad finished!

It's taken a while to get this squad of 5 done. I guess I've been pretty busy with work and I had also took an overseas holiday during the Easter period. I've also been distracted with making my battleground, wargaming tools, and generally settling into MERCS.

But I'm really happy with how my first MERCS squad turned out, and found that they were definitely a challenge in terms of painting. I'm used to painting Space Marines, which have relatively less detail when compared to the individual MERCS, so painting MERCS has forced me to up my game.

I've made some touch-ups since I posted the individual model shots, and hopefully these photos don't look as washed out and flat as the photos from my previous posts. The finished models are actually much brighter in hand, but my photography skills aren't able to capture that.
I've given these guys my standard dirt/grass basing, with some long dry grass for some basing flavor. I've decided to give each of my MERCS squads different basing, but I'll look into that later.
Next MERCS squad, my USCR!

Sync out.

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