Friday, May 6, 2011

Battleground: Low Walls

My MERCS Battleground so far
I've been trying to find some low walls to add to my battleground, to give the MERCS some much needed half-cover during gameplay.
Firing from cover is an important element to MERCS gameplay, and without low walls MERCS would only be able to do this from the edge of my cargo containers or from elevated positions.

Jersey Barriers from Armorcast
I do prefer to make my own terrain as I find it to be a really fun part of the hobby, and something like the above would be ideal (recommended by several on the MERCS forums). So I went about scouting my options.
I looked to see if Toposolitario had something that I could use - but alas, while Topo has AWESOME papercrafting and miniature terrain write-ups, no low walls.
Topo was my first preference, as my battleground is completely from Toposolitario and hence the style and artwork would be consistently awesome.

I searched youtube for build-your-own scenery options, but nothing suited my very specific requirements. Most of the terrain write-ups were for 40K style ruined walls and gothic imperial buildings, which wouldn't suit my battleground at all.
Online stores and eBay had some great options, which I bookmarked if I wasn't able find something I could make myself.

I took my plight to the MERCS forums, and the guys inspired me to take another look at Toposolitario.
I came across these small boxes that are intended as for Infinity Objective Markers. While at work I printed out a page, measured the dimensions and found that they would be too small to be something that would provide decent half-cover.
It was then that a coworker came around and dropped an A3 printout on desk... *!Lightbulb!*
I printed out the Infinity Objective Markers on an A3 page, which effectively doubled the dimensions, and they turned out great - a little pixellation due to the size increase, but nothing really noticeable.
Note that A3/A4 paper sizes aren't the standard US paper sizes -  here are the measurement conversions, hopefully there is something similar to these dimensions that US MERCS can use:
A3 paper = 297mm × 420mm, 11.69" × 16.54"

I went home and after less than 2 hours of papercrafting, my low walls were finished!

And some pics for scale:

They can't support the weight of a metal miniature, but walls shouldn't need to, and they have the same style as the rest of my battleground. VERY happy with the result!

Another quick, easy and affordable solution to miniature wargaming thanks to Toposolitario!

Sync out.

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