Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[USCR] Sniper finished!

Painting the sniper was very similar to painting the USCR Trooper - it's pretty much the same figure in a different pose with slight variations in equipment. The gun is a little different, he's got some chain-coil ammo on his belt, and obviously the pose is different.

Still, he's a cool looking mini and plays really interestingly on the board - while the CCC Sniper shoots hard hitting bullets at the highest weapon strength in game, the USCR Sniper shoots the weakest shots in game, and shoots without intent on dealing damage. The USCR Sniper's shots 'anchor' the target in place, pinning them down and reducing their mobility. This allows other units, like the Behemoth, a better chance at hitting a sitting duck.

Anyways, onto the photos!

Sync out.

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