Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FCC Artwork

These are the MERCS miniatures that appeal to me the least, simply because I don't think they have enough of a sci-fi feel to them. I do understand the concept of the faction, and the models suit that theme entirely. It's just my personal preference I guess, but I doubt I'll be buying this faction.

FCC (Free Corporate Control)
Located: Lost Margin
Strengths: quid pro quo, Sectarian structure
Intelligence Report: The FCC was formed out of the tumultuous events of September 30, 2156. The dissolution of five global systems created the Lost Margin: estranged ex-MegaCon employees, assets, technology, weapons, and territory. The FCC now functions like sectarian franchises that meet collectively twice a year to define success, and determine future strategy. Because they are outside GCC control, many MegaCons take advantage of autonomous nature of individual FCC branches to spy, or combat rival MegaCons. This is done through both monetary support and through physical assets such as techs and black ops MERCS. 


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