Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Big Three Zero

So my birthday is coming up, and with my wife entirely occupied with our darling daughter, it has sadly fallen on me to buy my own birthday present this year... mwahahaha!
I headed over to The Combat Company, and after some promptly answered emails about out of stock items, I finally confirmed my order on Monday evening and had my package waiting for me when I got home last night.
Of course, it's not my birthday for a few more days, but I was allowed to open the package to ensure that my order was complete and correct - which it was!

  • Paints: Khador Red Base, Army Painter Soft Tone Wash
  • Zap-a-Gap! Superglue
  • Army Painter 'Wargamer' Brushes: Regiment, Character, Fine Detail
  • Plasticraft Games: Small Crates Set x2
  • Secret Weapon Miniatures: Jersey Barriers and Parking Pylons
  • CNC Miniatures: Portable Dice Tower
  • Micro Arts Studio: Holo Ads Set

I'm really looking forward to my birthday now, and I'll make sure to review all these products when I get the chance.

Sync out.

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