Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting Back into MERCS – Basic Battles

With our newborn taking all my time and attention, organising time to game has been really difficult - but my buddy is coming around this weekend for some dice and carnage!
It's been a while since either of us have played, so the plan is to take baby steps - hence our upcoming battles will have the following basic format:
  • 3 Megacons, 1 Round Robin Tournament
  • 3v3
  • No ACMs
  • Touchdown Scenario

3 Megacons, 1 Round Robin Tournament
Because we aren't playing with ACMs just yet, I’ll be leaving the USCR and sefadu out of these basic battles - not having Suppression greatly devalues both the USCR's Intimidate and the sefadu's Fearless Corporate Abilities.
Some of the Megacons have abilities outside of my definition of 'baby steps', so I'll be leaving these guys out of these basic battles - the Keizai Waza and their tactical nuke, the Texico and their traps and the ISS with their deployable turret
That leaves me 3 Megacons to play with, which is a perfect number for a little tournament - 3 Megacons means a 3 battle round robin tournament!
  • CCC
  • KemVar
  • FCC

3v3 - Team Composition
As I’ll be doing 3v3, each team will consist of the Leader, plus two other models chosen from the faction. Oh, and no Black Ops for the FCC - that's would bring the game to whole other level!

I won’t be using Bounding, Suppression or Overwatch – just until I get into the MERCS flow again.

Touchdown Scenario
The first team to have a unit in the enemy deployment zone wins. A simple enough scenario, that encourages a good amount of bloodshed - though not particularly thematic, but should still be fun.

That's the plan for the weekend, battle reports to follow!
Sync out.

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