Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Micro Arts Studio Holo Ads Set Review

I've always thought this product was fantastic - providing good cover and LOS blocking terrain, while looking just phenomenal on the table. Well, what better excuse than a birthday to treat myself to this premium product!

Comes in a single 'sprue', with a page of instructions on assembly. The
 instructions weren't very thorough, but the set itself wasn't too hard to
 figure out.
The Holo Ad pieces themselves come with a protective adhesive on the
 surface to ensure they aren't scratched.

Assembly of the two smaller Holo Ad frames was a PAIN. While no glue
 was required to assemble the frames, slotting the pieces together was quite
difficult, with the slots for pieces being very tight fits. It's not clear from
 the photos, but I did some minor damage to the pieces while forcing them
 together during assembly.

Before putting the Holo Ads in, I'll need to paint the pieces first. While I'm disappointed that the assembly process was surprisingly difficult, I'm still really excited about the end result, so I'm looking forward to the next sunny weekend to paint and complete them.

Sync out.

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