Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MERCS Terrain

With my new MERCS board complete, it was time to get some new terrain done too! A while ago I had these buildings assembled and painted up, but last night I finally got around to adding some of the finishing touches.
I had originally purchased this terrain for Infinity, so I probably have enough to cover a full 4'x4' table with dense terrain. The buildings are the Q Buildings from Bandua Wargames' Designed for Infinity range, and the bridge is one of CNC Miniatures Sci Fi Bridges.
Oh, and I already had the scatter terrain from before - I picked up the crates and barrels off eBay, and I believe that they are Hirst Arts Molds.

To add a bit more colour to the table, I simply printed out a bunch of images and glued them onto the buildings.
The graffiti I made at graffiticreator, the signs and panels came from Toposolitario, and the MERCS propaganda posters are from the MERCS Fan Kit, available on the MERCS Downloads page.

So lots of cool new terrain layouts to try - hopefully when things settle down with our little one I'll be posting up some battle reports.

Sync out.

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