Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Plastcraft Games Sci-Fi Crates - Review

These struck me a relatively cheap way for some LOS blocking terrain, and being only $6 for a set of four, I grabbed two sets for some more terrain options.

Comes in a single sheet, with clear instructions on a piece of paper

Really straight forward construction, only requiring some superglue and a
hobby knife. Making the eight crates from the two sets took less than 30 minutes.

Now, the size is awkward - here's a MERCS model for scale.
It doesn't quite block LOS - his head is still visible over the top,
though at the same time I would say that he wouldn't be able to see over it.

And next to an Infinity model for scale

So it cost me $12 for the eight crates, which I think is... OK. If they were a little bigger, completely obscuring LOS of a 28mm model I'd be quite happy with the set, but as it stands the dimensions of the crates are awkward. So for now, I wouldn't recommend this product for 28mm sci-fi wargaming.
I'm going to find some way to extend the height, so that the crates can completely obscure LOS - stay tuned!

Sync out.

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