Friday, March 14, 2014

CNC Miniatures Scenery Portable Dice Tower - Review

After being disappointed in the assembly process for CNC Miniatures Dice Tower, I was really reluctant about purchasing this product. But because I really love the idea of Dice Towers, I took a gamble, and prepared myself for the worst.
Apologies for the dark photos - since the baby came along, the only spare time I have for hobbying is late after she's gone to bed!

Comes in a single 'sprue' and, to my delight, uses the 'newer' CNC processes,
which meant no difficult cutting or trimming the pieces off the sprue!

After taking 2 minutes to punch the pieces from the sprue, it took another
2 minutes to assemble the portable tower - fantastic!

Really happy with this product and would definitely recommend it - I'm actually considering grabbing another one! Assembling and disassembling the product is fast and easy, making for a truly transportable product - though I'll probably be gluing mine together and adding a few more sci-elements to it.

Sync out.


  1. well that's good they've started updating the older kits...I am a massive fan of some of them (the fantasy range and some of the sand buildings, which are now used as the sci fi buildings!)

  2. Yeah, I was really happy to find that this wasn't like the big dice tower I got :)