Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ordered my sefadu and FCC!

I've placed my order with Defiant Gaming for my sefadu, and I'm VERY excited! I'm glad they were able to stock them so quickly - the MERCS guys only just dispatched their pre-orders on the 18th, so I wasn't expecting to have access to them down-under so soon.

They haven't got the sefadu factions cards yet though, but will have the cards next month when the Keiwai Waza come in.
No word yet on the reprinted KemVar faction cards though - if there's no update on that by the time the Keiwai Waza are released, I'll just grab the current prints. I've been itching to see how the Active Camo armour fares on the table!
[Update!] From MERC-Brian: We have the reprinted KemVar cards. They were reprinted along with CCC, sefadu and Waza.
Looks like I'll be getting 3 sets of faction cards in my next order!

I also bought up the MERCS FCC models, as I just haven't found the motivation to paint my Infinity models. The MERCS FCC didn't appeal to me at first, but they kinda grew on me. The Infinity models are nice, but not the same scale, style and feel as MERCS.
The collector in me triumphed, and I've decided I'll be grabbing all the MERCS factions.

Sync out.

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