Thursday, July 21, 2011

CLANS: Lords of Valhallen

My first CLANS squad - the Lords of Valhallen. I bought Games Workshop's Battle for Skull Pass a couple of years back, not really to play WHFB, but simply because I've always loved dwarves and goblins. They're my favorite fantasy races!

I've always liked the traditional fantasy fiction of dwarves, and kept that consistent in my background for CLANS. I also plan on doing a squad of dwarf slayers, firstly because I like the lore behind them and secondly because I'm an avid reader of Gotrek and Felix (reading through the saga for the second time now!).

Being from a large plastic boxed set, these models aren't as detailed as some of the other stuff available, but I had them lying around gathering dust, so I thought why not. I got to take my pick from the 30+ models in the box too, and it was nice to get some use out of these guys.

They were really fun to paint though, and I think the completed result looks cool. Anyways, onto some close ups of my Lords of Valhallen! (click to enlarge)

Sync out.

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