Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FCC: Infinity Model Proxies

FCC Faction Miniatures

As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a fan of the FCC miniatures - they're just not sci-fi enough for me. So I needed to find models I could use as proxies, or counts-as, FCC.

I saw this as a good opportunity to paint models from a different line, so my first stop was Infinity Miniatures as they have a huge sci-fi miniatures range. After hours of clicking through their website, I found models that I thought would be the good fit for FCC proxies. These models were chosen more for the way they looked as opposed to having than the right wargear (although their weapons are still an acceptable fit) - if I'm going to proxy models, I want to proxy the coolest looking ones!

These are from the Infinity line of miniatures; the Combined Army's Shasvastii Noctifer and the Nomad's Tomcats, which I'll be using as my FCC.

Pack Rat / House Member / Chem Engineer

House Master
The Shasvastii Noctifer just looks awesome - he doesn't really fit in with the rest of the models, but I could not resist getting him. I'm hoping that painting him in my planned squad colours helps unify him with the rest of my proxied FCC. Thinking about what figure he could proxy as - I'd say he'd be acceptable in any role, but the given the awesomeness of the model he's going to have to be the House Master.

The Tomcat w/ Missile Launcher is a good fit for the FCC Boomer - who is a grenade specialist with access to different ammo loadouts. He's got an extra gun, which could be used to fire grenades of a different flavor.

The Tomcat Engineer is holding some kind of engineering device, which is the perfect proxy for the Laison's Communicator. This model could also be used as a House Member, Pack Rat or Chem Engineer if the Liaison's presence isn't required to grant Corporate Abilities for Black Ops.

House Member, Pack Rat, Chemical Engineer
Carlota was my original choice for House Master, as she looks very leader-like - a confident strut and face exposed with her helmet dangling casually by her side. That was until I found the Shasvastii! Still, her outfit and gear are consistent with the other models, so she could proxy as House Member, Pack Rat or Chem Engineer.
Moriairty looks keen and ready for action - too bad he doesn't have a gun or backpack as the MERCS FCC model. I think this can be overlooked because he's a cute looking robot cat-thing, and probably can have guns and other equipment poppin out of wherever. Again, can possibly be used as a House Member, Pack Rat or Chem Engineer.

I've got a colour scheme in mind, very different to the palette used in the above pictures. I'll get some paint on them and post photos when I can - stay tuned!

Sync out.

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