Friday, July 15, 2011

MERCS Downloads

I thought I'd post all the MERCS downloads in one place, and I'll do my best to keep this up to date with all the latest versions of the documents.
Thank you to all the people who contribute to the Cause with the effort they've put into the following documents!

Official Rules FAQ including errata - Author: MERC-Achilles, PaintVagrant

Official Faction and Card FAQ including errata - Author: MERC-Achilles, PaintVagrant

Unofficial Scenario Generator - Author: MERC-Achilles
Wargaming is always more fun when it's story driven, and this scenario generator is a great way of quickly creating a concept to base your battle around.

MERCS Cheat Sheet  - Author: Reaper
A quick reference sheet for some of the rules and basics.

Campaign Rules - Author: MERC-Achilles
These are intended for use with the Scenario Generator, and create rules for persistent MERCS Campaigns.

Campaign Roster - Author: MERC-Achilles
To be used with the Campaign Rules above.

Sync out.

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