Friday, July 1, 2011

[3v3] CCC vs USCR

I've been asked by several people to give Battle Reports on MERCS, so they can see how it plays. I decided to do a report on short game (around 1 hour) using an older iteration of my current 2D Sewers Terrain, in an attempt to provide some insight into the game mechanics, basic tactica and how the game handles on 2D terrain. 

For a better understanding of the 2D Terrain, check out this post which has the ER ratings for the terrain in this battle report - noting that the terrain used for this Battle Report is v1.3 (in between my original sewers terrain and my v2 sewers terrain).
Names listed in Yellow specify a CCC unit, and names listed in Green specify a USCR unit.
I didn't put the technical details of each action (dice rolls, modifiers etc), and instead just put the action and result. I didn't add any fluff this time around, but instead there is a short text description of each turn.

Mission Details
  • Objective: 3v3 Annihilation  
  • ACMs: Bounding, No Suppression, No Overwatch
  • Terrain: 16" x 22"
Note: Not having suppression puts the USCR at a disadvantage, as it nullifies their Intimidation Corporate Ability.

Turn 1
All Move - Bound where possible.

The USCR Sniper stays within one card from the Commissar in order to be granted the leadership bonus - but at the same time uses the pillar to block direct LOS to the Commissar to prevent Frag Grenades damaging both of them.
The CCC advance so that the Demolition is just outside of the one card radius of the Assault Leader, to maintain his Heroic bonus.

Turn 2
Leader: Move, move up behind cover. 
Sniper: Shoot - Behemoth, Crackshot causing 1 Blood + Armour Failure. 
Sniper: Shoot - Leader, Crackshot, causing Anchor but no Blood or Armour Failure.
Behemoth: Shoot - Sniper, causing 1 Blood no Armour Failure. 
Commissar: S2C & Shoot - Leader, Ice Grenade, MISS.
Demolition: S2C & Shoot - Commissar, MISS.

The Behemoth and CCC Sniper trade wounds and the Behemoth's armour fails. The USCR Sniper manages to Anchor the Assault Leader in place, but not before the Assault Leader claims the high ground. Both the Commissar and Demolition miss their shots.

Turn 3
Sniper: Move, while Loading. 
Leader: Shoot - Sniper, MISS.
Behemoth: Repair Attempt, Success! 
Sniper: Move, closer to Leader. 
Commissar: S2C & Shoot - Demo, causing 1 Blood no Armour Failure.
Demolition: Frag Grenade - Commissar + Sniper, causing 1 Blood to both with Commissar suffering Armour Failure.

Measuring the reach of the Frag Grenade, detonation point marked with the dice.

The CCC Sniper advances while loading, and the USCR Sniper moves to meet the Assault Leader head on. With no clear shots at the enemy, the Behemoth manages a successful repair of his armour. The Assault Leader misses his shots, but the Commissar manages to draw blood from the Demolition. The Demolition answers with a well placed Frag grenade - which deals blood to both the Commissar and USCR Sniper, causing an armour failure for the Commissar.

Turn 4 
Sniper: Move, while Aiming.
Behemoth: Move, drop down ledge. 
Commissar: Shoot - Demolitions, MISS. 
Sniper: Shoot - Sniper, causing 1 Blood and Anchoring. 
Demolition: Shoot - Commissar, MISS. (save frags for Behemoth). 
Leader: Shoot - Commissar, causing 2 Blood, which kills the Commissar.

The CCC Sniper takes to the high ground and draws aim, not realising the USCR Sniper can draw blood on him with WS1 against his AV1. The Behemoth, with still nothing to fire on, gets restless and moves from his perch to find some action. The Commissar misses his shots against the Demolition, but the USCR Sniper doesn't - causing Blood and armour failure for the CCC Sniper. The Demolition decides he needs to save his WS3 Frag Grenades for the advancing Behemoth, and misses his shots against the Commissar. The Assault Leader makes both his shots, and kills the armour failed Commissar.

Turn 5 
Sniper: Shoot - Sniper, causing 1 Blood, and killing the Sniper.
Behemoth: Move, didn't want to hit Sniper. 
Leader: Shoot - Sniper, causing 2 Blood, and killing the Sniper.
Demolition: Move.

The USCR Sniper is too fast - he draws the final blood on the CCC Sniper before he can take his turn. The Behemoth advances, still not having a clear shot on any of the enemy. The Assault Leader takes two shots at the USCR Sniper - at this range with no cover he couldn't miss, and the USCR Sniper is killed too. The Demolition moves up and joins the Assault Leader on the high ground, waiving his Heroic bonus in order to draw LOS on the remaining Behemoth.

Turn 6 
Behemoth: Shoot - Leader + Demolition,  all miss. 
Leader: S2C & EMP Grenade- Behemoth, causing Armour Failure.
Demolition: Frag Grenade - Behemoth, causing 1 Blood.

Measuring the reach of the EMP Grenade, detonation point marked with the dice.

The Behemoth takes aim and unleashes fire on both the Assault Leader and Demolition, but their higher elevation and cover ensure they are not hurt. The Assault Leader lobs his EMP grenade, causing an Armour failure for the Behemoth, which means the Demolition's Frag Grenades at WS3 can now draw blood - which is exactly what the Demolition does.

Turn 7 
Leader: Hold.
Demolition:  Frag Grenade - Behemoth, causing 1 Blood and killing the Behemoth.

Unable to deal Blood damage to the armour failed Behemoth, the Assault Leader holds, trusting that the Demolition's Frag Grenade will finish off the Behemoth - and his faith is well placed.

CCC win!

So there you have it - a short 3v3 game on 2D terrain. The pictures don't look as good as with 3D terrain, but in terms of gameplay it's a bit faster as you don't have to maneuver the cards around terrain to measure movement/range. It's definitely more convenient too :)

Sync out.

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