Monday, July 11, 2011

GenCon 2011

This forum thread has revealed what the MERCS team plan to have for GenCon this year. For those of us who aren't residents of North America, here's the wiki info about GenCon, a prominent annual gaming convention.

Here's the word from Brian:

Anything available at GENCON will be available in the store (though GENCON will be cheaper: no shipping and all that).

  • There will be no LE fig for sale at GENCON.
  • There should be mats and counters, unless something weird happens in transit.
  • The MERCS bag will not be ready, but we should have one to show.
  • We cannot say if Waza will be available, because we honestly don't know. It will be very, very close. We should have one or two sets to show at the very least.

Oh . . . and there will be many, many MERCS matches: carnage and laughs and drinks and the first time, a MERCS tourney champion crowned with a really sweet prize package deal (including but not limited to a LE Kat figure painted by Angel himself).

Pro-painted limited edition Kat

Sync out.

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