Thursday, July 21, 2011

Battle Bunker: Closing

This is from Battle Bunker's Viv, posted on our Australian wargaming forums:

"G'day everyone.

As the title suggests, my dream of owning my own wargaming store has been realised. But ... its time for things to come to an end. I have decided after having ran Battle Bunker for more then 2 years to close. Its been an amazing journey and I've had some awesome times, however, I just haven't been able to generate enough retail traffic for the store to remain open.

Wargaming and scenery building has always been a passion of mine, and it upsets me to say its a passion I have lost along the way after turning my hobby into a business. It hasn't been easy, though its been a load of fun .. but with changes happening in my life, I've had to consider my future ... and whilst I hope to regain and embrace my passion for wargaming and things in miniature, running a retail shop will no longer be part of it.

For those existing club members, (and those who are new to our ranks) at this stage I am considering keeping the Battle Bunker Gaming Club running on select days of the week, subject to assistance from those club members who want the club to continue to operate.

The retail side of my business will close on Wednesday 24th of August 2011. Any existing customer orders will be finalised this week as I talk with the various suppliers I deal with, however, all remaining stock will be on clearance at 35% off until the end of August. I will not be accepting any new customer orders.

So with out too much more rambling on and sentiment ... thanks for all your support, laughter and good times I've shared with you all!

Viv "

For a little background, Viv runs Battle Bunker, one of the few Local Gaming Stores in Australia (specifically in Melbourne). If you haven't watched Viv's wargaming/terrain/scenery tutorials on youtube, check them out here - they are fantastic How-To guides and displays of some of his custom work.

A Tribute
You can really feel Viv's passion in his youtube videos, and it saddens me to have heard this news. I've never met Viv, or communicated with him in any way, but when someone is that passionate about what they're doing it's easy to feel a loss.

His youtube videos have provided me with plenty of instruction, hints and tips, and construction How-To guides. But the most important thing he's given me, and I'm sure he's given others too - is inspiration. His videos always made me feel like the most daunting and difficult construction tasks were within my reach.

So this is my thanks to Viv of the Battle Bunker, for his contributions to the wargaming community. For always starting his videos with a smile, and signing off with a goodbye.

Sync out - take care Viv, all the best.

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