Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[3v3] CCC vs FCC

For my next Battle Report, I went for a short 3v3 game on my Toposolitario Battleground. To demonstrate a little more of the tactical depth of MERCS, I included all ACMs - if you're not sure what that means check out my basic rules write-up.

I haven't got my FCC painted up yet, so for this game I'm using my KemVar models for FCC -
  • FCC House Master = KemVar Assault Leader
  • FCC Boomer = KemVar Heavy Assault
  • FCC Pack Rat = KemVar Trooper

I've also excluded the short action summary present in my last battle reports, and have opted for a semi-narrative format.

Mission Details
  • 3v3 Annihilation
  • All ACMs
  • Terrain: standard 2'x3'battleground

CCC: The Assault Leader and Incinerator move up the left together - the Incinerator moving with the Assault Leader to gain the Leadership bonus. The Demolition moves down the center, operating on his lonesome to benefit from Heroic.
FCC: The FCC deploy in the center, as a group to benefit from the House Master's Leadership - Boomer on the left, Pack Rat on the right.

CCC on the left, FCC on the right

Turn 1
All Bound, in an attempt to secure cover and advance on the enemy.

Turn 2
House Master snaps to the corner of the central cargo container and stands overwatch. 
The CCC, unable to get to cover on their first turn all bound forward again. This is in the full view of the House Master, and her overwatch sweeps across the CCC with each movement - dealing 1 blood to the Assault Leader after the bounding.
Pack Rat holds, waiting in position to support both the House Master and Boomer.
Boomer makes a bold dash, and moves within short range of the Demolition in an attempt to neutralise his frag grenades - if the Demolition throws a frag grenade at the Boomer, he'll be dealing blood to himself too.

Turn 3
House Master remains on overwatch, with only the Assault Leader and Incinerator in her LOS.
Demolition moves away from the Incinerator, so that a well placed grenade from the Boomer will not deal blood to both of them.
Assault Leader fires on the House Master dealing 1 blood - the House Master's return overwatching sweep deals no damage to the CCC.
Pack Rat is ready, and snaps to the House Master administering a Medkit - healing the blood damage.
Boomer sends a frag grenade at the Incinerator, dealing 1 blood.
Incinerator notices the positioning of both the House Master and Boomer, and takes advantage - sweeping her flame across both of them dealing 1 blood to each. The House Master's returning overwatch sweep deals 1 blood to the Assault Leader.

Turn 4
Boomer moves out of the Demolition's LOS and out of the Incinerator's sweep range.
Demolition holds, not wanting to move and expose himself to the Boomer.
Incinerator sets the House Master aflame again dealing 1 blood. The House Master's returning overwatch sweep deals the final blood to the Assault Leader - making all the damage to the Assault Leader a result of overwatch.
Pack Rat remains in position and uses his final Medkit on the House Master.
House Master, with only the Incinerator in effect of overwatch, sends a sweep of fire at the Incinerator hoping to cause an armour fail - without any luck.

Turn 5
Incinerator again deals 1 blood to the House Master with her auto-hit flaming sweep.
House Master retreats, moving to the other side of the cargo container to provide support to the Boomer - too late realising that she has exposed herself to the Demolition.
Boomer sends a frag grenade at the Incinerator, dealing another blood.
Demolition is ready - he snaps to cover to get a little closer, and throws a frag grenade, dealing 1 blood to each the Boomer and House Master - killing the House Master and causing the Boomer's armour to fail.
Pack Rat snaps to the corner of the cargo container, but his two shots fail to blood or armour fail the Incinerator.

Turn 6
Demolition moves around the cargo containers to surround the Boomer, hoping to be able to fire on his rear quadrant.
Boomer, still reloading and unable to move due to armour failure, repairs his armour.
Incinerator sweeps her flaming arc of fury a deals the last blood to the Boomer.



I had to call the game here, but I'd say with the Incinerator and Demolition closing in on the lone Pack Rat, the game would have gone to the CCC. A great game to demonstrate the power of overwatch though, particularly when a unit with the sweep ability is well positioned. The Assault Leader definitely should have hauled-ass out of the sweep range, instead of standing there trying to shoot down the House Master.

Sync out.

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