Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thanks Kassad!

Another Australian that has joined The Cause, Kassad (as known on our MERCS forums), was so kind as to send me one of his old 40K minis, with the hope that I could use it as inspiration for a MERCS scenario.

Ursarkar Creed: Lord Castellan of Cadia

I have gladly, and very gratefully accepted, and already have a few ideas in my head that I'll explore and hopefully be able to expand into an interesting and playable scenario.

The model is a really great inspirational piece - an old grissled veteran, hardened by years of service. With pistols holstered and cigar lit, he won't be taking any lip from the rookies!
I'll be sure to post the scenario I come up with, and the finished model when he's painted.
I'm still playing around with a few colour schemes but for now, here are some photos (as soon as I got him I undercoated him!):

Sync out. Thanks again Kassad!

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