Thursday, July 28, 2011

[sefadu] Gunner WIP

Last Wednesday morning I put through my sefadu order with Defiant Gaming, which also included FCC models I decided I would get (to round off my MERCS collection) and some paints I needed to re-supply.

With crossed fingers I waited eagerly, in hopes that my package would arrive on Friday before the weekend (as post doesn't get delivered on weekends). To my relief, Dan came through and I had my MERCS miniatures and was ready to get painting - yay for quick order processing and delivery!

Here's my first attempt at the sefadu Gunner. I'm nowhere near capable of free-handing the designs on the artwork shown above, so I thought I'd include the yellow as heavy contrasted highlights. Looking at my painted model below and comparing it to the artwork, I might try to tweak the red and get it a bit brighter, as the other colours are pretty dark too - so for now, he's still a WIP I guess.

Sync out.

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