Monday, June 27, 2011

Sefadu and Keizai Waza Teasers and Concept Art

This is the latest Status Update on the MERCS Facebook page: "Look for an announcement on sefadu this coming week."
So the Sefadu faction should be available soon - until then you can check out the faction artwork here and there's some discussion as to how the new faction will play here.

Following Brian's Twitpic, I also stumbled across this photo of the Sefadu and Keizai Waza cards in development:

Click to enlarge

As well as this image of the upcoming official MERCS maps:

Click to enlarge

Also on the MERCS Facebook page is an awesome piece of artwork for the upcoming factions - follow the link here, but for your convenience it's here too:

Click to enlarge

Sync out.

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