Friday, June 10, 2011

Basing my MERCS

120mm Skull Base from MicroArt AU$20.00 at Defiant

When I finally finished my CCC, I decided that I'd give all my MERCS squads different kinds of basing. With my only two crafting options being used for my CCC and my USCR, it got me thinking about what I would do for my other MERCS.

Most of the other guys have really awesome basing for their MERCS - so I decided to go shopping and see what I could find.
I thought I'd post the options from two Australian online stores - Defiant Gaming and Back to Base-ix.

Comparing the two options, price-wise:
  • Defiant Gaming: 5 bases for AU$6.92 + AU$6.50 postage
  • Back to Base-ix: 10 bases for AU$7.95 + AU$5.50 postage
Clearly Back to Base-ix would be cheaper, but a few things to consider:
  • Back to Base-ix sells them in lots of 10, meaning that two of my MERCS squads would have have the same basing, or I'd have to find a way to make them look different.
  • I'll be buying my miniatures from Defiant Gaming, and a few other items as well, to ensure the AU$6.50 postage is waived.
I'll think on those a little while, but for now I'll post my basing options for future reference.

Defiant Gaming sell the below bases at AU$6.92 for 5 bases, with postage at AU$6.50.
Postage is waived for orders above AU$100.
Defiant also stock the Wyrd miniatures bases, but they're much more expensive and wouldn't really suit MERCS.

Back to Base-ix
Back to Base-ix sell the below bases at AU$7.95 for 10 bases, with postage at AU$5.50.

Sync out.


  1. Okay, so what you are looking at here is really 2 different lines of bases. The ones you posted from Defiant are all Secret Weapons Miniatures designs I believe, I know most of them are anyways. Back2Base-IX is the Aussie company that actually makes the bases you show for them. If you are looking for other ideas too, Dragon Forge Design ( is makes some great bases.

  2. Hey those are fantastic!

    And postage is cheaper than the above mentioned options, at USD$5.00 worldwide!

    Thanks for sharing HuronBH!