Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[CCC] Trooper... again!

I keep my painted models on a shelf next to my desk - where I do my painting. Every time I look over at my MERCS, I feel a sense of personal pride and achievement, which is usually let down when I look at my CCC.
They just didn't pop like my other squads did. I thought my USCR and my KemVar squads looked great, and that the collection was let down by my flat toned CCC.

Time for something drastic! I whipped out the brightest yellow I had - Sunburst Yellow from Citadel, and got to work.
I'm really happy with the results! They definitely don't look so flat anymore, although it was a challenge getting a consistent coat of paint on - the yellow was an unusual density.
It's also closer to the yellow used for the CCC faction artwork!

The following CCC posts won't have any text, just photos - stay tuned!

Sync out.

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