Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Tomcats] Boomer finished!

MERCS - FCC Boomer
I mentioned in an earlier post that I would proxy my FCC with some Infinity models, as I like my models to have a really deep sci-fi feel to them, which the MERCS FCC don't really have. The concept and design of the MERCS FCC is spot on - the models suit the theme of the faction entirely. I'm only choosing to proxy because of my own personal preference towards sci-fi miniatures.
This is the model I decided I would use to proxy as my FCC Boomer:

Infinity - Nomad Tomcat
The color scheme I went for was different to the above, as I wanted a chance to try my own concept at  FCC colours. I decided to use a very neutral colour scheme, as I didn't want to clash with any existing MERCS factions colours, or possible faction colours in the future. I wanted dark colours, to suit the level of stealth required for the Corporate Ability Debris Crawl. So I chose blacks, greys, metals with a tinge of blue as I felt these were far enough from the current colours and MERCS style to be a safe bet.

It's a bit difficult to see some of the detail, as I went for a really dark scheme and the lighting wasn't great on the day I took these photos, but it might help to click to pictures to enlarge.

Sync out.

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