Friday, June 17, 2011

Concept Art and MERCS Merchandise


Keith posted some of his latest artworks on the MERCS forums recently, below are the pictures for your convenience but you can check out the thread here. I've also added these images to the Sefadu Faction Art and CCC Faction Art pages too.

Kieth Lowe Interview

Capsfan34 was able to grab an interview with Keith Lowe, the artist and co-founder of MERCS. All the awesome models in the MERCS line are based on Keith's concept art, and Keith was kind enough to share his personal experiences with MERCS in the full interview here, at Hand-Cannon Online.
While the tone of the interview was dominantly personal, Keith did hint at his current MERCS project - "You wear it!" - so I'm looking froward to some MERCS branded stylins' in the near future.

The MERCS Crew rockin MERCS shirts - Keith is the guy being strangled.

Counters and Maps

Brian also let us know in this forum thread that the tokens and mats will be available soon! At Origins they will not be available for purchase, but will be available for show:

"For purchase, no. For show, yes. Both will be available quite soon, though. We just won't have any physical product until the end of July.
We are preparing a press release now." - Brian Shotton

Looking forward to having some MERCS terrain and counters!

Sync out.

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