Friday, June 3, 2011

Miniatures Scale: Comparisons

Infinity, MERCS CCC, WH40K Space Marine, MERCS USCR, WH40K Terminator

I've had a few questions on the scaling of MERCS, from people who wanted to proxy MERCS for other games and vice versa. Most people want to use their existing models to test out the MERCS game system, but I've been asked if MERCS can be used as WH40K proxies as well.

The important thing to note is that MERCS uses 30mm round-lipped bases, which is what the MERCS faction cards use for movement. So the important thing if you're proxying other miniatures for MERCS is use 30mm bases.

Here is a comparison of MERCS to some other miniatures companies (AT-43, Reaper, Hasslefree, Starship Troopers) provided on the MERCS website, but below I'll provide a comparison to the sci-fi miniatures I currently have.

Infinity Nomads - MERCS CCC
Infinity Nomads - MERCS CCC
Infinity models are on the 28mm scale, while MERCS in on the 35mm scale. The comparison shows that the models are about the same height, however the Infinity model is noticeably 'skinnier' than the MERCS model. This might just be style of the models - Infinity guys seem to favor taller characters with slim physiques, while MERCS has their characters a little stockier.

MERCS CCC - WH40K Space Marines
MERCS CCC - WH40K Space Marine
WH40K miniatures are supposed to be 28mm too, but because Space Marines are supposed to be 7ft tall super-humans, they come off bigger than MERCS miniatures. The style of the miniatures is also clear, with MERCS miniatures representing humans with a more realistic proportions and Space Marines being a little more on the chunkier proportioned side of things.

WH40K Space Marine - MERCS USCR
WH40K Space Marine - MERCS USCR
Similar to the above comparison, except this time with a MERCS USCR model. The USCR are at the same scale as the CCC, so they're the same height, just a bit beefier.

MERCS USCR - WH40K Terminator
MERCS USCR - WH40K Terminator
I was specifically asked if the USCR could be proxied as Terminators, so here's the size comparison. The USCR are missing significant bulk from the top of the model, but I think it would be an acceptable proxy but then again, I'm pretty lenient on that type of thing.

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