Tuesday, March 29, 2016

KR Multicase - Part 2

K-Lite Transport Bag
The cheapest option for getting a new set of KR trays!
Bag can hold 1 full card case, or 2 half-width cases, with
a simple shoulder strap

So I mentioned in a previous post that I needed a solution for transporting my MERCS models.
Initially I thought I would just buy a new set of trays that I could use with my old Kaiser 1 Transport Bag, but it actually worked out cheaper to buy K-Lite Transport Bag, which includes my choice of card cases and trays. Here's what I ended up ordering for KR:
  • K-Lite Transport Bag
  • 2x Half-width Card Cases
  • 3x N3H trays (each tray has 20 model slots 50mm x 32mm x 25mm)
  • 3x M3H trays (each tray has 25 model slots 40mm x 32mm x 25mm)

My package arrived very promptly (5 days after ordering, posted from the UK to Australia - amazing!) and I'm very happy with both service and product from KR Multicase.

I would highly recommend them, and will be going to them for all my miniature transport needs in the future. The case/tray system is a little confusing at first, but check out this video for a better idea on the system.

Two Half-width Card Cases - one of these easily fits into my backpack,
and can hold 60-75 models (depending on which trays I use), and all my
 tokens/templates/cards too.

One half-width card case opened

CCC and EU Inc from MERCS Recon: Counter Threat in an M3H tray.
M3H trays have 25 model slots, and each slot is 40mm x 32mm x 25mm.

Sync out.


  1. Hi Sync - As a Mercs fan, love your blog. Do you mind if I ask how much the KR set you back delivered?

    1. The K-Lite Transport Bag, with my choice of Card Cases and Foam Trays is USD$75 (excluding postage)- which I think cost me a little over AUD$100 at the time.
      The Australian DollaryDoo was a little higher against the US Greenback when I ordered :)

      Check out the KR Website for their full product and price list - they have free postage for orders over USD$120.

    2. Thanks very much - and keep up the great work with the blog. I just got my wave 2 of Recon and have started (very slowly) the daunting task of painting. Look forward to seeing your updates.