Friday, March 11, 2016

KR Multicase - Part 1

My previous post confirmed that I don't need any more terrain or models - but I do need a means of transporting my MERCS models around.

I already have a KR Multicase Kaiser 1 transport bag, which I picked up a while ago to transport my old 40K and Warmachine/Hordes armies - and I love their product. The bag is functional with lots of pockets, the card case is strong and sturdy, and the foam is soft and protective.
But my current set of KR foam trays don't suit MERCS models, since I bought the foam trays for the purpose of transporting my 40K 5th Edition Terminator Deathwing army, or my Warmachine/Hordes armies - all of which have significantly larger models than MERCS.

KR Multicase Kaiser 1 Transport Bag
with KR Standard-Size Card Case inside
with KR foam trays inside the Card Case

Ideally, I would like the following options for transporting my MERCS models:
  • taking one or two MERCS factions for an evening of gaming, or small demos
  • taking all 120 MERCS 2.0 models, for conventions or gaming days

After searching around the KR website and checking out reviews online, I decided on the K-Lite transport bag, with the following selection of card cases and trays:
  • K-Lite Bag
  • 2x Half-width Card Cases
  • 3x N3H trays (each tray has 20 model slots 50mm x 32mm x 25mm)
  • 3x M3H trays (each tray has 25 model slots 40mm x 32mm x 25mm)

The K-Lite transport bag was the cheapest option that included enough card cases and trays that would allow me to transport all 120 MERCS 2.0 models if I need to. And since I already have the Kaiser 1, and the Backpack was out of budget, it was really my only choice.
I already have a standard card case, so I ordered two half-width card cases, so I would have the option of just bringing a half-width case if I needed less than my full collection.

Well, this order is winging it's way over from the UK (to Australia) as I type, so I'll post up once I've got it.

Sync out.


  1. I've always used Battle Foam for my storage, my first bag was their Warmachine bag and it holds 3 armies for me. These days I pack it with most of my Malifaux as well.

    In their last Black Friday sale I got the last of their MERCS bags since it was so cheap, but that's good for holding every single MERCS model there is really.

    The best option in my opinion was the Mini Pack, I bought this on a whim from my LFGS and it's perfect for MERCS. It's got plenty of room for its tiny size and definitely can hold two MERCS factions. I think it would work perfectly for your smaller option.

    1. I own the Battlefoam Infinity Beta bag ( and I wasn't really impressed with the product.
      I've had miniatures break and scratched while in my Battlefoam bag, which never happened with my KR bag.

      After comparing my experience with Battleform to my experience with KR, I decided that I preferred the KR system.
      KR options were much cheaper (after factoring in postage to Australia), and I prefer the softer KR foam.

      A quick google search shows a number of comparisons online, so I won't post any here, but my preference for KR is just my opinion based on my limited experience with both products :)

    2. Fair enough, I've yet to try the KR stuff but I've heard good things about it from other folks as well