Friday, March 18, 2016

Birthday Loot!

A nice haul this year! Apart from the new KR Multicase bag/cases/trays I ordered for MERCS 2.0, I was also able to grab a few extra goodies this year.

Deadzone Deluxe Gaming Mat
I received one of these 2'x2' bad boys as part of the Deadzone
Kickstarter, but since MERCS is played on a 2'x3', I thought I'd grab
another one to complete the board.
Deadzone Resin Equipment Crates
These make really cool objective markers, with the option of having
secret or hidden objectives!

KR Multicase Accessory Case
This was just a little impulse buy, a transport accessory
that also doubles as a dice tray
KR Multicase Accessory Case opened

KR Multicase K-Lite Transport Bag
(I'll do a separate post on this product shortly!)

Sync out.


  1. Sweet! I have the Deadzone mat as well, it's good for the 2x2 scenarios. I've recently ordere the Terminator miniatures game mat which measures 33"x22" which is slightly smaller than standard but I'd think the difference would hardly be felt, I think you should check that one out as it works perfectly for me. I used the game tiles for Dust Warfare which come out in the same measurements as well.

    Once my Battle Systems kickstarter terrain comes in during the summer I think it's going to be a great season for MERCS. You should check that stuff out!

    Congrats on the goodies, the accessories case looks interesting.

    1. Thanks Ryan!

      Battle Systems looks like a fantastic product, and their Urban Apocalypse range looks awesome. Make sure to post up once you've received your pledge!

      I just googled the Terminator Genisys gamemat as well - the material looks similar to the Deadzone mat, and the art on it looks fantastic too! Good find