Thursday, March 3, 2016

Terrain Upgrades - Part 1

Now that I've finished painting all my MERCS Recon Squads, I thought I'd finally get around to touching up some terrain pieces for MERCS 2.0, specifically:
  • Finishing my CNC Miniatures Sci-Fi Walls
  • Repainting my Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartments

CNC Miniatures Sci-Fi Walls
I've got my CNC Miniatures Scenery Sci-Fi Walls set assembled - but they'll need a lick of paint before they're ready for the tabletop.

Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartments
Since I'm painting up my walls, I thought I would repaint my old District 5 Apartment set.
Since painting these up the first time around, I've developed a preference for my terrain to be darker, so as to make the bright and vibrant MERCS models stand out on the tabletop more.
So I'll be giving these buildings the once over with the old spray cans as well.

The roof of the building is detachable, so I put some felt on the underside.
Now the buildings function as a Dice Tray too!

Sync out.

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