Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MERCS Quadrant Markings

Anyone looking closely at my repainted EU Inc models would have seen that I finally decided what to do about the quadrant markings on my model bases.

My personal preference is for the bases on my models to be as simple as possible, so that they don't draw attention away from the models - and again, that's just my personal preference.
With that in mind, I painted the indents in the new MERCS 2.0 bases a metallic silver color, adding a wash and highlight too.
I think the metallic colour achieves my goals of ensuring the quadrants are visible from a distance, while at still being a neutral colour that doesn't detract from the models or basing.

In MERCS, the quadrants are used to determine the arcs of a model - front arc, rear arc and the two flank arcs. Here are some other examples I've found of MERCS quadrant markings from models painted for MERCS 1.0

Keizai Waza by Ash Barker (of Guerilla Miniatures Games fame),
with simple coloured lines painted to mark the quadrants.

Blogger Tabletop Terror's beautifully
 painted FFC Pack Rat, with highlighted
 lines to mark quadrants

Blogger Mordian7th's FCC, with painted flank quadrants

ISS from an unknown source, with flank quadrants painted,
with lines in the middle of each flank to mark the front/back half facing

Sync out.


  1. Yaay a shout out!

    Marked bases have always been a difficult thing for me, as I think of the base as part of the display rather than for game mechanics. Even simple lines distract me from the model. That's why I can't wait until I get my hands on some of those new bases, that way I can leave them blank and it still notates quadrants in game.

    1. I've been looking for an excuse to show off your FCC model!
      I also view the base as part of the display, hence
      my attempt at finding a good compromise.