Tuesday, May 3, 2016

MERCS Recon Wave 2 Has Arrived!

I was very excited to come home last night to find my MERCS Recon Wave 2 delivery waiting for me!
Here are some quick unboxing photos I took last night before a quick inventory, then settling down to read through the MERCS 2.0 rulebook.

Big box of MERCS Recon goodness!
2 year old daughter's foot and Twirlywoo toy for scale

All Mission Packs Add-on.
Cat Tower game for scale
(everyone has Cat Tower right?)

All Faction Decks, additional MERCS Recon cards, Lockdown Deck,
Doors stands and MERCS card sleeves

Baggies for individual models that aren't part of the Mission Packs

MERCS Lockdown rules and board tile, MERCS 2.0 Rulebook (tome!)
and The Workers Heart book.

Ready for some bedtime reading!

Sync out.


  1. Looking forward to the Rulebook review!

    1. The rulebook is an epic tome, which definitely warrants a review - but for now I'm too excited about having MERCS miniatures to paint!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the update after a long hiatus! Looking forward to comparing the plastics with their metal counterparts.

    1. I've been eagerly waiting for Wave 2 to arrive, and now that it's here I'll be posting VERY regularly again :)

      Thanks for sticking around Ryan!

  3. I missed the Kickstarter but was able to get the recon sets off eBay. I love it and am in the middle of painting everything up. I've been unable to find a local store that is going to carry the 2.0 rulebook so I'm hoping Megacon will have it for sale long enough for me to grab a copy.

    1. I haven't heard any news on when MERCS 2.0 will be hitting retail - I believe Megacon Games are still busy ensuring that pledges are fulfilled prior to bringing the game to retail.
      It shouldn't be too long though, as the majority of backers received everything as part of Wave 2!

  4. First off, I would like to say that I love Mercs Recon, and all of the mini's + material. I'm new to the Mercs 'verse, so I haven't played the T.B., yet. I don't, however, think Mercs Conflict is worth a sack of rocks, and I mean the most worthless rocks that our earth has to offer. And they charged people $50 for Conflict, which should have been .50 cents.
    That being said, I think MegaCon has handled the entire Kickstarter like a bunch of brain damaged infants. Not one of my shipments, so far, have been complete. Not only have I been missing mini's, but I have also received mini's missing arms, legs, heads, ect., ect., ect.. If this had been their first publication, I could understand these errors, but this is not their first game. The Kickstarter closed out at almost $900,000 over their goal, so I fail to understand why they couldn't have chosen a more reliable, more experienced, manufacturer. I think it really comes down to greed. As a business owner, I understand profit margins and how important they are, but, please, they clearly had enough money to do it right, and still pocket a lot of cash. Much like Prodo Games, I will not be doing any future MegaCon kickstarters.
    P.S. A friend has informed me that the second Myth kickstarter is as much of a debacle as Mercs. "Brain Damaged Infants" rings a bell.